Why Creighton


Creighton University Students

Although the first master’s degree at Creighton University was conferred in 1898, the Graduate School was not formally established as a separate division of the University until 1926. The Graduate School aims to promote graduate programs and research of high quality, and to foster scholarship and research among its faculty. Creighton graduate students are expected to develop traits of critical judgment, independent thinking, and scholarly initiative in their field of study. These skills will help the students identify problems, formulate solutions to the problems, and communicate those solutions to both experts in their field as well as laypersons.

The Creighton Graduate School serves a variety of students across many disciplines, including business, healthcare, education, medical research, and theology.  There are over 40 master’s level programs available, as well as our Ph.D. programs and an interdisciplinary Ed.D. in leadership.  The graduate programs are designed to meet the needs of the students, and are available in a number of delivery methods, including on-campus, online, and hybrid/blended.  Nearly two-thirds of graduate students enroll on a part-time basis, which allows them to continue their education while maintaining current employment and meeting the needs of their family.

Creighton is one of 28 Jesuit institutions of higher learning in the United States. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Creighton as the #1 Master’s degree granting university in the Midwest. Each year, more than 4,100 students choose to pursue their graduate and professional degrees at Creighton. We provide a value-centered education, and seeks to produce graduates who have the wisdom, judgment and faith to work for a more just society.  Graduate students are supported through personal contact with a community of faculty scholars who provide personal care and support the values of excellence within the educational setting.

The Graduate School is able to leverage the strengths of Creighton University as a small, yet comprehensive university in order to offer innovative programs that cross disciplinary boundaries, and foster excellence in both the classroom and research.