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Data Science vs. Data Analytics

November 13, 2019

Smart Business Decisions Can Begin with A Degree In Data Analytics

Written by Ravi Nath, PhD

In today’s highly data-driven environment, data analytics is becoming a booming field. Companies are using data to drive all types of decisions from how to become more efficient to maintaining and capturing customers to seeking a competitive edge.

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If you excel in instructional technology and have a thirst for data analytics, a Master of Science in Analytics at Creighton University Heider College of Business can enhance your analytical skills and boost your career path.

“Companies across the globe have accumulated a large repository of data,” says Ravi Nath, PhD, Chair, Department of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Creighton University Heider College of Business. “They know how to store data, but they’re not sure how to use it to make smart business decisions for their company. The master of science in analytics degree is designed to prepare you for a role in managing data and using your analytical tools and business intelligence to gain insights from the data, solve complex problems and drive better decision-making.”

What are common data analyst qualifications?

This type of degree program is ideal for someone who excels at math and statistics and has the ability to go the next step by analyzing the data and applying it in a business setting to address whole issues, says Nath.

A masters in data analytics differs from a masters in data science in that someone with a data science degree focuses on more in-depth programming, math and statistics.  Someone with a data analytics degree will not only learn programming and statistics, but will also focus on analyzing the data, communicating it and applying it in a business context to make a company more efficient or to give it a competitive advantage.

Is a data analytics degree from creighton right for you?

The online data analytics degree program at Creighton University can be completed in about two years and focuses four major components: capturing data, organizing data, analyzing data and communicating data.

The program will prepare you to:

  • Manage data from a number of sources
  • Use analytical tools to gain insights from data
  • Effectively model and communicate findings to key stakeholders and decision-makers

You’ll gain important expertise in in predictive and prescriptive analytics, data visualization and modeling, machine learning, database management, research and more. You’ll also earn how to analyze data, solve complex problems, and drive decision-making processes. Several of the courses are “floating” courses, which allows you to tailor the program to fit your goals and needs. These courses change to keep up with changing technology and trends in the field.

“We have cutting edge curriculum that is going to prepare you for the job of tomorrow and five years down the road,” says Nath. “Companies worldwide are creating new jobs in this field. It is very much in demand and will continue to grow as we are just starting to scrape the surface when it comes to using big data. This degree will give you a great foundation that will enable you to move up and become a leader in this field.”

Job opportunities in this field include:

  • Software developers
  • Data scientists
  • Marketing analysts
  • Marketing managers
  • Management analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Operations research analysts

According to a 2018 report by Economic Modeling Specialists, job growth for these roles is expected to rise by 2028. Annual salary typically ranges between $64,500 and $119,204.

The Creighton masters in analytics online program features small class sizes of about 15 students. Online activities are designed to engage students and often include group or team projects. All data analytics courses are taught by PhDs, most of whom have had real life experience in the field. Classes provide a great deal of interaction with faculty who are extremely accessible to students at all times. The online format is ideal for working professionals, allowing you to complete your coursework on your time and at your pace.

Creighton also offers a business data analytics graduate certificate. If a two-year program is not doable for you, the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from Creighton University will arm you with the core concepts behind business analytics in less than one year. You will use real-world data sets to hone your skills in managing and analyzing critical data and learn how to communicate your results to key decision makers in an organization.

“You also can not underestimate the value of the relationships you will develop during your degree studies as well as access to Creighton’s alumni network that spans across the country,” says Navi. “These connections can help you in securing a job and progressing in your career,” says Nath.

Looking for an Accredited, nationally recognized program?

Creighton University’s Master of Science in Analytics program also holds accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Creighton University has maintained continuous accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission since 1928.  For information regarding the University’s accreditation status. Accreditation is one of the most important ways that demonstrates Creighton University commitment to quality.

Creighton University is also proud to have earned several top 20 rankings for its online graduate programs in the 2019 US News & World Report surveys. These rankings are based on engagement by instructors; aptitude of students enrolled in the program; expert opinion from high-ranking academic officials at MBA programs; faculty credentials and training; and the availability of diverse learning technologies and other student services.

These rankings include:

  • 20th in Best Online Graduate Business Program
  • 16th in Best Online Graduate Education Programs