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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from prospective and current students can be found below regarding COVID-19. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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All Students

What are Creighton University’s plans for the fall semester?

Creighton University is planning to reopen campus and return to in-person education, for on-campus programs, for the fall semester dependent on and in accordance with recommendations and restrictions from government and official health agencies. This includes the University’s classrooms, laboratories and facilities. Online courses and programs will continue to be offered following the established 7- and/or 8-week schedule.



Is Creighton University Graduate School still accepting applications?

  • Creighton University Graduate School is still accepting applications. Programs starting in Summer and Fall 2020 are still being offered as planned, but will continue to be evaluated while developments with the Coronavirus fluctuate. 

What are my options to visit with an enrollment specialist about my program of interest, application requirements or upcoming application deadline? 

  • Graduate Enrollment Specialists will be available for phone appointments and virtual meetings to answer any questions you might have regarding programs of study, admission requirements, application questions, etc. Please contact an enrollment specialist to check calendar availability and schedule your appointment. 

What is the best way to send my transcripts to complete my admission application? 

  • Due to the current developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Creighton is highly encouraging individuals to request and submit transcripts electronically. Official transcript(s) requested electronically should be sent to

What if the school I’m requesting official transcripts from is closed or not sending official transcripts at this time? 

  • If you are unable to obtain an official transcript at this time, please contact an Enrollment Specialist at 402.280.2703 to discuss your options. We are committed to working with all of our prospective students during his unprecedented time.


Can I still visit Creighton’s campuses?

  • Creighton University has cancelled all individual and group campus visits at this time and campus will remain closed to visitors. We continue to monitor the situation and will update our closure policy as additional information is made available. 

Is Creighton University Graduate School still hosting on-campus/in-person events? 

  • Creighton has cancelled all in-person Graduate events at this time. Online webinars will still be offered virtually with our enrollment specialists, program directors and graduate faculty. Please visit our events page for dates and registration details.

Since I can’t currently visit campus, can I still talk to a program director or faculty about my program of interest? 

  • While our campus is closed to visitors, Creighton’s graduate faculty and staff are committed to providing ongoing support to prospective students. Please contact a Graduate Enrollment Specialist regarding your request and they will coordinate a phone appointment or virtual meeting.

Are webinars still being hosted online?

Despite our campus being closed for all in-person events, our online Webinars will continue as planned.

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Will I still be able to get my I-20 and have support for the visa process?

  • Yes, we are still sending out I-20s and the instructions on how to obtain your I-20 can be found in the portal. If you have questions about the documents needed, or the next steps for your visa, please contact the Global Engagement office at 402.280.2221 or by email at



Am I required to attend my online class?

  • Under instructional continuity, courses previously delivered on campus are being delivered online through the end of the semester, but all class schedules remain unchanged unless a revised syllabus has been distributed by the instructor. Students are expected to take part in classes in accordance with the protocols developed by their instructors. Faculty will communicate the requirements for readings, assignments, and exams, and students are expected to meet these requirements. Instructors are being encouraged to record any lectures or live material so that if you are in a different time zone, you are still able to take part. Students who encounter technical difficulties that hinder their ability to participate in an online class or meet an assignment deadline must contact the course instructor immediately.

How do I complete my research if I need to end my experiments/lab work?

My research has been interrupted or delayed. How will this affect my funding and the deadline by which I must complete my degree?

  • If students have questions on the potential impact of a federal grant or fellowship, please contact your research supervisor/major advisor.