Clinical and Translational Science (Master of Science)

School of Medicine

If you’re looking to be a leader in the area of translational research, whether in academia or industry, Creighton’s Master of Science in clinical and translational sciences will prepare you for this rapidly evolving field.

This program is a comprehensive program to train future clinical investigators from diverse scientific backgrounds and disciplines. The goal is to prepare scholars to:

  • Identify important clinical questions
  • Develop research protocols
  • Conduct clinical and translational investigations in highly interdisciplinary and collaborative team settings
  • Generate pilot data
  • Analyze and write the results in publishable form
  • Develop and submit grant proposals

All scholars will be required to write and defend a master’s thesis.


CTS scholars will be mentored and supported to write independent research grant applications. Students will be enrolled either as full-time or part-time scholars. The CTS curriculum will provide a structured course curriculum. At the completion of the program requirements, scholars will earn a Master of Science in clinical and translational sciences, able to conduct clinical and translational research as independent investigators.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify important clinical questions
  • How to develop research protocols
  • How to generate pilot data
  • How to analyze and write the results in publishable form


Student Organizations

  • Graduate Student Government

    The Graduate Student Government (GSG) considers concerns and interests of graduate students and makes recommendations to the Graduate School administration and the University.

    The GSG also provides a fair and functional rebate system that allocates student rebates to graduate students. Funds may be used for GSG-sponsored events that enhance the graduate school community, or may be dispersed to students to pursue academic endeavors.

  • Representation of Student Interests

    To voice the concerns and interests of graduate students and the Graduate School, Graduate School Government (GSG) will foster the well-being of the Graduate School and our graduate students. GSG addresses:

    • Academic and social needs of students
    • Coursework
    • Interdisciplinary opportunities
    • Student life
    • Official GSG policies and positions

Admissions Requirements

Application Deadline: Aug. 1 for fall, Dec. 1 for spring and May 1 for summer.

See complete admissions requirements.

Tuition & Scholarships

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