Clinical and Translational Science (MS/MD)


The MD/MS in clinical and translational science is a unique designation that will command the attention of prospective employers, particularly those affiliated with academic institutions.

The online community CTSciNet (Clinical & Translational Science Network) offers a plethora of career-related information pertaining to this field.


What You'll Learn

In addition to traditional medical training, you will learn:

  • The ability to conduct clinical and translational research as an independent investigator
  • How to write effective grant proposals
  • Federal policies in relation to clinical and translational science
  • Ethical research design
  • How to analyze, synthesize, and interpret biological data
  • Oral and written communication skills, including the ability write effective research papers and reports and communicate results through oral presentations and written publications.



Admissions Requirements

See the admissions requirements for the MD program and the MS in clinical and translational science.

Tuition & Scholarships

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