Elementary School Teaching (Master of Education)

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If you have a bachelor’s degree and are now thinking about becoming an elementary teacher, Creighton University’s Master of Education (MEd) is perfect for you. The master’s in elementary school teaching program results in a master’s degree and a Nebraska PK-8 initial teaching certificate.

What’s more, this accelerated program can be completed in only 19 months by starting in late May. You will have completed your coursework and student teaching by December of the following year.


Employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 12% by 2022. This growth is based on projected increases in enrollment, as well as declines in student–teacher ratios, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What You'll Learn

  • A foundation in education, teaching methods and classroom management taught in the Jesuit tradition
  • The finer points of being a teacher such as cultural issues in education and educational research
  • The ability to think—and teach—critically and creatively


Summer Session Term 1

  • EDU 503 Foundations of Education
  • EDU 510 Child and Adolescent Development  (Requires 35 hours of field placement in a local school)
  • EDU 601 Technology Lab

Fall Semester Term 2

  • EDU 525 Inclusion of Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities  (Requires 15 hours of field placement in a local school)
  • EDU 565 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School  (Requires 32 hours of field placement in a local school)
  • EDU 566 Teaching of Reading
  • EDU 567 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School

Spring Semester Term 3

  • EDU 568 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School
  • EDU 569 Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary School
  • EDU 500 Remedial Reading
  • EDU 615 Educational Research

Summer Session Term 4

  • EDU 583 Management Practices for Elementary Classroom Teachers
  • EDU 692 Cultural Issues in Education

Fall Semester Term 5

  • EDU 591 Student Teaching
  • EDU 593 Student Teaching Seminar

Note: Some but not all coursework in fall and spring semesters can be taken in a different sequence. Seek the advice and approval of the Elementary Education Program Director.

This program allows students to complete coursework at an accelerated pace, although some of the courses are offered only during the summer sessions. Many of the teaching methods courses are offered only during the regular school day to allow access to elementary classrooms and young students for practicum experiences, but many of the courses are offered in the early evenings during the week.

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