Theology and Secondary School Teaching (Master of Arts and Master of Education)

Program Availability

The Master of Arts in theology and Master of Education in secondary school teaching dual degree program through the Graduate School at Creighton University will advance your knowledge in theology, prepare you to teach Catholic religion and train you to be a director of religious education.

The MA/MEd program will give you the opportunity to practice your teaching through guided field placements in local Catholic schools. You’ll earn full Nebraska state certification and qualify to teach religion in other states as well. A faith formation component is integrated into the program. The program will take two academic years and two summers to complete.


Recommended Program of Study

year 1

EDU 503 (July)

EDU 535 (July)

EDU 583 (July)

MAM 675 (June)

MAM 676 (online)

EDU 525

EDU 548

EDU 551

EDU 575

EDU 591

(student teaching)

EDU 593

MAM 620 (online)

Total Credits

EDU: 7

THL: 4

EDU: 12

EDU: 5

THL: 3

year 2

EDU 510 (June)

EDU 601 (June)

MAM 630 (online)

THL 561

THL 588

THL 700

MAM 660 (online)

MAM 761 (online)

THL 565


Total Credits

EDU: 6

THL: 3


THL: 9

THL: 9

Students may need to take some MAM and THL courses in subsequent terms, depending upon course scheduling and availability. 

Theology Course Options


MAM 675 Orientation (June on campus; 1 credit)

Choose Two—Scripture; 6 credits

  • MAM 610 Introduction to Old Testament (fall online)
  • MAM 620 Introduction to New Testament (spring online)
  • THL 700 Seminar in Biblical Studies (on demand)

Choose One—Systematic Theology; 3 credits

  • MAM 630 Christology (summer online)
  • THL 534 Introduction to Liberation Theology (fall every other year)
  • THL 730 Seminar in Systematic Theology (on demand)

Choose One–Sacraments; 3 credits

  • MAM 640 Ecclesiology: Theology of Church & Ministry (spring online)
  • MAM 660 Worship, Liturgy, & Sacrament (spring online)

Choose Two—Church History; 6 credits

  • MAM 676 Theology & Catechesis (summer online)
  • MAM 761 Historical Development of Fundamental Doctrine (spring online)
  • THL 589 The Rwanda Genocide as a Challenge to the Church (on demand)
  • THL 769 The History of Christian Spirituality (July on campus)

Choose Three—Christian Life Studies; 9 credits

  • MAM 690 Moral Theology & Decision Making (spring online)
  • MAM 780 Christian Prayer & Spirituality (spring online)
  • THL 561 Finding God in Daily Life: Prayer & Discernment (fall or spring on campus)
  • THL 565 Catholic Social Teaching (spring on campus)
  • THL 575 Foundations of Christian Spirituality (fall or spring on campus)
  • THL 588 Christian Ethics of War & Peace (fall on campus)
  • THL 743 Political Theology (fall on campus)
  • THL 755 Seminar in Moral Theology (on demand)
  • THL/CSP 764 Prayer & Christian Spirituality (June on campus)

*CSP = Christian Spirituality Program
*MAM = Master of Arts in Ministry


Creighton University has maintained continuous accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission since 1928.  For information regarding the University’s accreditation status, visit

Information regarding academic programs which hold specialized accreditation can be found on this page.

Admissions Requirements

To apply, you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • 9 credit hours of theology
    If you do not have 9 credit hours of theology, you may be admitted on a probationary status and allowed to take these courses at Creighton. You’ll need to earn at least a B average in those 3 theology courses.

Tuition & Scholarships

PDF iconMinistry Scholarship Form: The University offers a 50 percent tuition reduction for any student engaged in full-time or part-time ministry, paid or volunteer, lay or ordained.

PDF iconBishop John R. Sheets Scholarship: Students with demonstrated financial need and potential for excellence in study and ministry are eligible for a 10-25 percent tuition reduction.

PDF iconRichard J. Hauser, S.J., Endowed Scholarship Form: Offers a tuition reduction up to 25 percent

For questions, please contact the program director, Fr. Tom Simonds, S.J. at tsimonds [at] creighton [dot] edu or 402.280.3602. See more information on financial aid, cost of attendance and other important consumer information.