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Leadership Graduate Certificates

Lead by doing: Positive change starts with you

If you’re interested in sparking meaningful change in your workplace or community, earning a graduate certificate in leadership from Creighton University is an excellent place to start. A certificate will provide foundational skills in leadership and well-being, negotiation and conflict resolution, or organizational leadership. While your studies won’t be as robust as they would be if you were earning a full master’s degree, you’ll graduate with a comprehensive, practical knowledge of the topics your certificate program covers.

No matter which certificate choose, you’ll gain practical leadership experience and build your professional network, and the skills you learn can be taken right from the classroom to your organization while you’re still learning.

Creighton makes it easy to fit a graduate certificate in your schedule. We offer flexible online programs that can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to earn an advanced degree. If you change your mind and want to earn an advanced degree after all, you can apply most credits to a related master’s.

Explore getting a graduate certificate in leadership

Leadership and Well-Being
Optimize your own well-being and that of others in your organization by prioritizing quality of life. This program takes a whole-person approach, examining a wide variety of well-being factors from financial health to nutrition and much more.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Develop the skillset to effectively approach, manage, and resolve conflict. This program helps you bring harmony to your personal and professional life with skills that apply whether you’re looking to advance your career or become a leader in solving conflict.

Organizational Leadership
Inspire positive change in your workplace and community. This program can increase your ability to make thoughtful decisions, handle adversity, understand and manage organizational challenges, collaborate with others and promote change – all for the greater good.