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Student-Centered Coaching

Audience: K-12 teachers and administrators
Method: Online course
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $495

Ensuring effective instructional coaching  

Instructional coaching has grown exponentially over the past two decades. Today there are coaches in large, small, urban and rural districts. Coaches focus on subjects like mathematics, literacy and technology. Others work across content areas. With countless hours being dedicated to coaching, educators must be sure that it is reaching the intended goal of increasing student and teacher learning.

Student-centered coaching introduces a new way of delivering instructional coaching that puts the needs of students front and center. By focusing coaching on goals for student learning, rather than on fixing teachers, an instructional coach can directly impact instructional practice and student achievement. Students in this course will use reading material and video lectures and meet once a week online to learn how to implement student-centered coaching.

A note on course credit

This course is not being offered for credit on its own. However, individuals who successfully complete two of the course offerings listed below and then enroll in the Educational Leadership (Master of Science) program will be awarded 3 credit hours toward their EDL degree.

Complete two:


Student-centered coaching is led by Joy Casey. Casey is currently an instructional coach with a focus on increasing student achievement in all content areas. As an instructional coach, she has run numerous student-centered coaching cycles grounded in student learning goals and student evidence, and she has developed and facilitated professional learning around research-based best practices for instruction. Casey is also a certified Student-Centered Coaching trainer. 

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