Anthony Zinni
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Anthony Zinni

M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Keeping the peace with a third master’s degree

It wasn’t the degree that motivated Anthony Zinni to pursue his third master’s program.

Zinni, a retired service member, was driven by his strong desire to learn and the discipline of a structured degree program. 

“I’ve always valued education,” Zinni said. “I’ve just had a natural sense of curiosity. I think that’s an important trait for people that ever want to assume a leadership responsibility anywhere.”

With graduate degrees in business and international relations already under his belt, Zinni set his sights on a program in peace mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. His search led him to the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NCR) master’s program at Creighton University’s Graduate School.

He was initially drawn to Creighton because of its reputation, credibility, and foundation on Jesuit principles. After researching a variety of programs and schools, his decision to enroll in Creighton’s NCR program came down to the curriculum.

“When I went through and looked up what was offered by different institutions, this one really struck me,” he said. “When I looked at the curriculum and the classes and the coursework, it seemed like exactly what I needed for the work that I was doing. And it seemed like a rigorous course too, and a demanding course, which I really felt was an important aspect.”

Zinni felt that the content presented in the NCR program—from the basic principles of negotiation to tactical considerations—gave him a new perspective on mediation that he could apply to his work in peace mediation.

“I think one of the things that stood out to me, amongst many, was the amount of time spent on reforming or restating, rearticulating positions,” said Zinni. “You drew out of the parties involved exactly what the issues are, made sure that you understood the emotions involved, the background and the history, and then help them reframe the issues in ways that make them more conducive to negotiation.” 

For more information about the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NCR) master’s program, certificate program, or dual degree opportunities, visit the NCR program page

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