Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez

M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

In His Own Words

Not to sound cliché, and no…this isn’t a biased opinion; however, it will sound as though it is. The negotiation and conflict resolution master’s program at Creighton University has been the best educational experiences I’ve had. As a graduate, I’m constantly thinking of ways to share the knowledge I learned while at Creighton. The curriculum was more than useful, and thus far all the content has been applicable and extremely useful. The professors and their associates were fun, witty, inviting and simply exceptional. Programs such as this are unique to the field of Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The core team of leaders, such as Noam Ebner, Mary Lee Brock, Jackie Font-Guzman, Bernie Mayer, and so many others make this program what it is…top notch. 

From the very start of my journey I wanted to focus my studies on organizational development, and labor-work-force related conflict resolution. To be honest, it meant a great deal for me to have instructors that related to the idea of conflict engagement being a credible source for finding resolution between parties. Many of the courses helped me identify the different types of conflict that exist, and how to apply practical theory to both foreseeable and unforeseeable disputes. It’s with great pleasure that I share my personal experience with all those reading: every course, residency program, debate with instructors over conflict theory, and challenges from my fellow students, this was a once in a lifetime experience - an experience that has changed my view-perception on how to resolve matters internally and in every thinkable scenario. 

Something I believe every Master’s program should include is a practicum that requires field work, much like a medical student does clinical work, so should a Master Negotiator, and Dispute Resolution professional. In my practicum I was able to support the San Joaquin Bar Association and Dispute Resolution Services (SJBA-DRS) in my local city. This was by far one of my favorite portions of the curriculum, it allowed me to utilize the theory and vast “tool-box” the instructors and professors taught me. 

I believe the practicum positioned me to advance my understanding in the macro and micro levels of intragroup conflict. I say this for one simple reason: during my practicum the SJBA-DRS provided me multiple opportunities to mediate civil, land-lord tenant, and small claims cases. The practicum allowed me to advance to the top of the SJBA-DRS “list” (if you will). The credibility of the program kick-started my opportunity to actively be involved with local mediations, and sit on arbitrations panels for my employer. 

Because of my degree, I feel as though I’m able to work with the best in the field…whether I’m learning, or teaching them from my personal tool box; the professors, instructors, and fellow Masters of the MS-NCR degree at Creighton University are my gurus in the field of ADR, and will forever be influential in all things related to dispute resolution. Thank you all so much! Here’s to you…Go Jays!