Peter Gabriel
peter gabriel

Peter Gabriel

Doctorate of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership (Ed.D.)

Peter Gabriel currently serves as a Leadership Training & Development, Professional Coach, and Team Facilitator at Key Leadership LCC.

When doctoral students are searching for programs they have a lot of things to consider. The components of the program, if you’re learning online or in person, the quality of the program, and so on. A key element that is sometimes overlooked is the environment you’re learning in.

That environment is especially important when you are pursuing the coursework as well as the dissertation of the program. Peter Gabriel was worried that he would not be able to succeed in the coursework and dissertation. Creighton’s learning environment proved him wrong.

“The thing that I would tell you is that you could do both. You really lean on your faculty and your peers and your advisors, as you go through this process.”

Even though a majority of interactions with his peers were virtual he still felt their support. Creighton’s EdD program is unique in the sense that you still get to interact with your peers in person. At the beginning and the end of your EdD program experience you are required to come to campus. For Peter, that first orientation really allowed him to form a community with his peers.

“What I found is a lot of my peer students felt the same way about the dissertation and felt the same angst about going back to school. So you would lean on that community. ”

This face-to-face orientation is important for a lot of reasons. Like Peter said it allows you to start forming bonds with your co-hort. At the beginning, it may be a shared nervousness about undergoing a doctoral program but that face to face interaction contributes to so much more. Now that the cohort and professors have gotten to know each other it eases any worries that may have been present but it also allows the program’s discussion boards to be more meaningful since students know each other.

Those bonds created throughout the program last long after their doctorates are earned though.

“The thing I wasn’t expecting was the friends I made and the colleagues. I didn’t expect that to happen so fast and to have that support from each other. We all talk to this day.”

Peter really credits his peers and professors for providing his a wonderful support system during his EdD journey. That support really allowed him to successfully finish the EdD program and in turn allowed him to switch careers

“The Creighton program basically the curriculum helped build the foundation for me in order to make this transition to a whole new career. So I’m thankful for that.”

Peter was able to switch over from a twenty year career in business to leadership. His doctorate allowed him to have more credibility in the workplace. An example of this is when he was trying to gain a contract with clients for his business.

“One of the differentiators was the fact that I had a doctorate, so you know it really helped in terms of security.”

For Peter, his doctorate how allowed him this sense of joy that has helped him professionally and personally. “So in completing the degree, I can tell you my own personal satisfaction and my happiness. By changing careers and being put in the position to do so is exponential for me, my own satisfaction is much happier at work.”

An EdD degree from Creighton University could be the key to creating more happiness in your lift both professionally and personally.