Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson

Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis

Tanya Wilson loves her work in the financial services industry. This love for her profession and desire to keep advancing in her career inspired her to get a master’s degree.

As Tanya was looking at graduate programs, Creighton University’s Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis program (MIMFA) stood out to her.

“Creighton was the only school that offered a specialized program following the [Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)] curriculum; and I wanted to pursue the CFA Charter, so this was the right fit.”

As Tanya was pursuing her degree, she appreciated the supportive online classroom environment.

“Between the excellent videos, slides and other supplemental materials provided for the curriculum, and the ease with which I was able to email and call my professors for help and or discussion questions, it really felt like they were not that far away.”

One professor even went the extra mile to provide support for her.

“I got encouragement from one professor when I felt discouraged about the program and intimidated by the pass rate of the CFA level 1 exam,” she said. “He took the time to call me. I will never forget that conversation of encouragement and advice.”

Tanya is still pursuing her CFA designation, but the MIMFA program’s curriculum has helped her feel confident about passing each level of the CFA exam.

“I do think the program has prepared me for the exam,” Tanya said. “In starting to study for the exam, the material is familiar and makes more sense because of that familiarity.”

Tanya is not CFA accredited yet, but she is still seeing the benefits of her degree. She believes that her master’s has increased her ability to be considered for promotions.

In fact, Tanya believes it is important for every business professional to consider pursuing a master’s degree.

“I think it is important for business professionals to pursue higher education because it opens more opportunities in the field they like,” she said. “It can also alter your career path to something completely different than what you are currently doing.

“In short, a higher education can begin a completely new career for someone.”

In addition to becoming familiar with CFA exam material and earning her master’s degree, completing the MIMFA program gave Tanya something else: this incredible feeling of fulfillment.

“This program not only challenges you to grow intellectually and personally but the sense of pride and personal satisfaction you will get from this endeavor is an unbeatable feeling.”