Andrew Gustafson, PhD

Dr. Andrew Gustafson is a professor in the department of Marketing and Management at Creighton University Heider College of Business.  In addition to teaching business ethics at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, Dr. Gustafson leads two of Creighton’s travel courses each year .  He is passionate about business and how it can be used to transform culture and society for the good of all.

He says, “I want people to never lose sight of what is truly important as they practice business.  I aim to help them see that you can do very well in business, while also doing good in the world.”

In addition to teaching, Dr. Gustafson is an entrepreneur in the housing industry.  He purchased his first rental property in 1999 and today rents to over 90 people.  The practical business experience he gains from this endeavor informs his teaching and thinking.

Dr. Gustafson’s ongoing research interests include understanding how business either helps or hinders us from flourishing in the world.

Dr. Gustafson attended colleges in Canada and Israel before completing his B.A. in Philosophy and English at the University of Nebraska. After receiving an M.A. in Christian Thought at Trinity in Chicago and an M.A. in Philosophy at Fordham University, Dr. Gustafson went on to pursue his PhD in Philosophy at Marquette University. 

In addition to academia, Dr. Gustafson enjoys traveling and working in his garden with his wife, Celeste.  He also loves to read and work on rehabbing houses. 

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