Ann Mausbach, PhD

Dr. Ann Mausbach is an associate professor of educational leadership in the College of Arts and Sciences at Creighton University.  The classes she teaches include School Improvement, Differentiated Supervision, Leading Professional Learning Communities, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment and Internship in School Leadership.  She is passionate about education and has focused her work on helping principals and teacher leaders align purpose with focused action.

“Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of school districts, both privileged and impoverished. I have worked with a variety of principals, both new and veteran. What I have learned from these diverse experiences is that there is one constant that is critical to success. In order to improve the lives of young students (especially economically disadvantaged students) an investment must be made in people, not programs. There is no magic school improvement silver bullet, but there are effective processes that, when led by skilled leaders and teacher teams, can seem like magic.”

Dr. Mausbach formerly held positions in K-12 school systems. She was an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, coordinator of staff development, director of curriculum and director of elementary education. She received her undergraduate degree from Kearney State College, a master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from the University of Missouri and a master’s degree in Human Development from the University of Kansas.  She went on to receive her Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental and Child Psychology from the University of Kansas. 

Her ongoing research interests include systems change for lasting school improvement, school leadership practices that impact student outcomes, leadership practices that promote literacy and leading student-centered coaching.

In addition to academia, Dr. Mausbach enjoys reading, riding bikes, walking and Big Red Football! 

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