Beverly Kracher, PhD

Dr. Beverly Kracher is a professor of ethics at Creighton University Heider College of Business.  She holds the Robert B. Daugherty Endowed Chair in Business Ethics and Society and has been honored with Creighton’s Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award.  The classes she teaches include business, ethics and society.

Dr. Kracher is passionate about ethics in business and has over 20 years experience developing and sharing insights with students, as well as consulting and educating leaders of numerous local and national businesses and professional associations. Her expertise involves every facet of what constitutes ethical behavior, from how to deal with everyday moral dilemmas and stop moral snowballs, to how to align an organization to its core values and drive economic development in an ethical community.  She is devoted to showing others how ethical principles can grow communities and improve businesses—one person, one company and one community at a time.

Dr. Kracher is also the CEO and executive director of the nonprofit Business Ethics Alliance that delivers city-level ethics education to businesses. In recognition of her leadership with the Alliance, she was named the 2013 Business Woman of the Year by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and recognized as a Top 100 Thought Leader by Trust Across America and Trust Around the World, leaders in organizational trust.

Both roles are intrinsically intertwined as Dr. Kracher transforms ethics from academic theory to positive and practical application in the everyday business world. At the college, she challenges and inspires students to become ethical leaders who will someday create businesses that benefit the community and the world at large. At the Alliance, she coaches and advises many of America’s strongest and most successful leaders on the benefits of running ethically-based businesses.

Her ongoing research interests include ethical leadership, ethical blindspots, gender in ethics and business and city-level ethics.

Dr. Kracher received her BA, MA and PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  In addition to academia, Dr. Kracher enjoys reading, hiking, watching vintage movies and lollygagging! 

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