Candace Bloomquist, PhD

Candace Bloomquist

Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Candace Bloomquist is assistant professor in the Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctoral Program at Creighton University.  She has taught a variety of classes in the program and believes “education should cultivate the courage to be uncomfortable and teach how to accept discomfort as a part of growth.”  

She believes in thinking differently, challenging the status quo and reaching for opportunities. “I strive to enhance the growth of individuals and organizations, to increase teamwork and personal involvement and help others develop humility, consciousness, and compassion as change leaders.” 

Dr. Bloomquist’s philosophy on teaching and learning is to engage and serve, build a trusting atmosphere and environment and use stories, dialogue, and questions to illuminate ideas and solutions. Her goal is to create a safe environment for thriving -- safe to explore, take risks, innovate, ask questions and celebrate the gift of the human imagination and creativity. “The experience of wrestling with issues and coming to your own conclusions might make it a little harder to get quick and easy answers, but it also gives us the perspective and knowledge from which we can evaluate the world and a lens through which we can view the many, and quickly, changing events that make up a typical day in our world today.”

Her ongoing research interests include trust in higher education, health equity, quality improvement, health promoting schools and teaching and learning in higher education.  Dr. Bloomquist desires to expand her research to recognize the cultural components that are present in our interconnected world, which will help her continue to learn about her community.

Dr. Bloomquist received her bachelor’s degree in exercise science at Creighton University, her master’s degree in kinesiology at Kansas State and her PhD in kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

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