Dustin Ormond, PhD

Dr. Dustin Ormond is an assistant professor in the department of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Creighton University Heider College of Business.  The classes he teaches include cybersecurity and database management systems.  He is passionate about learning new things and getting things done!

He believes “in business intelligence and analytics there are endless possibilities.  Analytics is for the creative, inquisitive person and requires continual learning to stay on top of changes within the industry.  As a professor, my responsibility is to provide an environment that fosters ongoing learning while maintaining respectful teacher-to-student and student-to-student relationships.”

After beginning his initial studies in accounting, Dr. Ormond took an information systems course and found his passion in the subject matter.  He changed his course of study and has been actively involved in information systems and business intelligence and analytics ever since.  He believes the topic of study keeps his mind alert and aware of current trends that are impacting our world today.

His ongoing research interests include behavioral information security, specifically internet deception, neutralization of security policy, information security training and affective influence on information security behavior.

Dr. Ormond received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Information Systems from a 5-year integrated program at Brigham Young University.  He went on to pursue his PhD  in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems from Mississippi State University. 

In addition to academia, Dr. Ormond’s personal interests include family, faith, and fun!  He finds inspiration from his wife and children, believes his belief in the gospel largely influences who he is, and thoroughly enjoys participating in all types of competitive and non-competitive sports.

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