Jennifer Moss Breen, PhD

Jennifer Moss-Breen

Associate Professor & Program Director

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Jennifer Moss Breen is associate professor and program director of the interdisciplinary leadership program in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Creighton University.  The classes she teaches include Leadership Ethics, Organizational Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Orientation.  She was inspired to learn about leadership when she realized how quickly poor leadership can hinder the effectiveness of an organization. 

She believes “poor leadership will disengage people within an organization and exceptional leadership will empower people to thrive.”

Before joining Creighton University, Dr. Moss Breen served as the inaugural Director of Bellevue University’s Human Capital Management Ph.D. program. She currently serves as the chair of the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools Communication Committee.  She has several book projects underway as senior editor for Information Age Publishing and Emerald Publishing.  Dr. Moss Breen is participating in the 18-month Association of Jesuit Colleges and University’s (AJCU) Ignatian Colleagues Program.  Her newest project, where she serves as an author and lead editor, is a new book “Women Courageous” offered through Emerald Publishing.

Her ongoing research interests include leader humility, Ignatian leadership, leader resilience, complexity in higher education and VUCA.

Dr. Moss Breen received her BS, MA, MS and PhD from the University of Nebraska.  In addition to academia, Dr. Moss Breen enjoys a healthy lifestyle, filled with yoga, spin and working out.  She says, “by living a more nutrient-rich, active and balanced lifestyle I am better able to serve others.”  When she isn’t working out, she enjoys writing, working outside in the yard and spending time with her family.

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