Leah Georges, PhD

Leah Georges

Associate Professor and Program Director

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Leah Georges is an associate professor and program director in Creighton University’s Interdisciplinary Leadership doctoral program.  The classes she teaches are primarily research and design focused courses, which aim to prepare students to design their Dissertation in Practice.  The classes include Scholarly Writing Seminar, Leadership Styles and Reflective Practice, Leadership Seminar II: Mid-Program Reflection, Interdisciplinary Practicum, Research Design and Professional Inquiry, Research Design and Data Analysis and Dissertation Research Seminar.  She is passionate about learning and believes “one of the most compelling characteristics of a brilliant mind is curiosity.”

She says, “I encourage my students (and remind myself!) to be curious, not critical—to move beyond ‘what’ and into ‘why’ and ‘how.’  We rarely find the finite, black-and-white answer to any social science or leadership question, and to remain curious and humble are important attributes of the quest for knowledge.” 

Dr. Georges’ ongoing research interests explore a wide range of topics as they relate to social psychology and leadership. The first, focuses on generations in the workplace and how one might think differently of working with people of a diverse range of generations.  The second line of research revolves around the intersection of social psychology and the law, and how the legal system positively and negatively psychologically impacts the people who come into contact with the legal system. She also has a passion for the application of andragogy, or adult learning theory, and how we can meet students where they are in online classrooms.

Dr. Georges received her BA in psychology from Creighton University,  her Master of Legal Studies from the University of Nebraska College of Law and her Master’s of Science in social psychology from the University of Nebraska.  She went on to pursue her Doctor of Philosophy in social psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.   In addition to academia, Dr. Georges enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children who remind her the importance of coming to every question with curiosity.  In her spare time, she advises a Greek life organization on Creighton’s campus, practices yoga and spends time hiking in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

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