Meghan Potthoff, PhD

Meghan Potthoff

Associate Professor


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Dr. Meghan Potthoff is an associate professor of nursing at Creighton University College of Nursing.  She teaches pediatric nurse practitioner and research courses and is passionate about training strong clinicians who provide compassionate, high-level care to pediatric patients and their families.

She says, “I have centered my career and professional research around facilitating improved communication and family inclusion for pediatric patients suffering from life threatening or life limiting illness.  I am committed to creating better palliative and end-of-life care for children and their families.”

Dr. Potthoff received her BSN from Creighton University, her MSN with a focus on pediatric acute care from the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD at South Dakota State University. 

When not working as a nurse practitioner or educator, Dr. Potthoff enjoys traveling and finding new adventures with her husband and their five children.  She also enjoys cooking and getting lost in a good book!

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