Natalie Gerhart, PhD

Dr. Natalie Gerhart is an assistant professor of information systems at Creighton University Heider College of Business.  The classes she teaches include Data Mining Techniques, Introduction to MIS and Predictive Analytics.  She is passionate about education and is motivated to help bridge the gap between business professionals and technology or analytics experts.

She believes “the field of business intelligence and analytics has unprecedented potential, but many organizations are held back by the lack of common understanding for the potential for both the business and the technology.”  Aligning strategy with capabilities is powerful, but often a missed opportunity.

Dr. Gerhart’s ongoing research interests include stopping rules with unlimited information, human computer interaction and social networks.

Dr. Gerhart received her BS in Marketing and MIS from Truman State University, her MBA from University of Missouri and her PhD from University of North Texas.  In addition to academia, Dr. Gerhart enjoys backpacking and “unplugging.” 

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