Tom Lenz, PharmD, FACLM

Dr. Tom Lenz is Director and Professor of the Master of Science in Health and Wellness Coaching program at Creighton University.  Classes he teaches include Determinants of Health, Lifestyle Medicine, Advanced Lifestyle Medicine and Capstone in Healthy Lifestyle Management.  He is passionate about education and takes great pride in showing care to his students.

He believes “we are all connected in a great social network.  Fostering personal well-being in students will, in turn, foster well-being in others”. Teaching students to care for themselves so they may then care for others is an important part of his teaching philosophy.

His ongoing research interests include studying the social determinants of lifestyle behaviors that influence chronic disease risk and management. He is especially interested in reducing chronic stress through a combined natural science and social science approach. Dr. Lenz is currently studying the effects of these stress reducing methods in health care providers.

Dr. Lenz received his BA in Exercise Science from Creighton University.  He received his MA in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and his MA in Medical Anthropology from Creighton University.  He went on to complete his Doctor of Pharmacy and a fellowship in cardiovascular research from Creighton. 

In addition to academia, Dr. Lenz enjoys outdoor activities, water skiing, running and spending time with his family. 

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