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Students from all walks of life join the Creighton University community. The Graduate School welcomes freshly minted college graduates (and sometimes their parents), military veterans, people with long careers in one field looking for a change, academics who are passionate about their subject matter … anyone with a passion for learning and a desire to drive positive change in our world.

While their circumstances may be wildly different, all students instantly become part of Creighton’s tight-knit community upon enrolling. The support they receive from their peers and faculty—combined with immersive learning experiences and rigorous academics—leads to success stories like the ones below.

Arli Boustead

Arli Boustead

Executive Healthcare MBA
In her role as a healthier communities coordinator, Boustead saw a need for a larger evolution of the healthcare business. Through the Executive Healthcare MBA, she was able to grow her knowledge and learn how to drive change.

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Mindy Simon, MBA


Master of Business Administration Alumna
A lifelong Nebraskan who grew up on a family farm, Mindy Simon’s career began in agriculture and progressed from internal auditing to chief information officer (CIO) in less than 20 years.

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Dr. Charles Thomas Jr.

Dr. Charles Thomas Jr., MS, EdD

Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Doctor of Interdisciplinary Leadership Programs
"Playing to win" was a mantra Dr. Charles Thomas Jr. was taught very early in life by his parents. “Whatever it is you want to do, go out there and make it happen,” his mother would tell him. 

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Luke Christiansen standing before Buildertrend sign


Master of Business Administration Alumnus
Christiansen considered other schools, but all roads led him to Creighton where he felt he was guaranteed to experience the challenge he sought. Learn about his inspiring story of how an MBA from Creighton University's Heider College of Business helped propel him to Senior Vice President of Data and Research at one of Omaha’s fastest-growing companies, Buildertrend.

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Susan Toohey


Interdisciplinary Leadership Alumna
Susan Toohey, principal at Nelson Mandela Elementary hones her leadership skills, brings lessons learned back to the Omaha school she leads.

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Kelsey-Haswell final

Kelsey Haswell

MBA Alumnus and Current Interdisciplinary Leadership Student
The 27-year-old has already completed a bachelor’s degree in biology, an MBA from Creighton University’s Heider College of Business, and is working on a doctorate degree, all while working full time and spearheading multiple volunteer projects.

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Dr. Donny Suh

Donny Suh, MD

Executive Healthcare MBA
When he was boy growing up in South Korea, Suh’s mother suffered from an eye condition that the family couldn’t afford to treat. Suh told her that, one day, he would become a doctor and help heal other patients with similar conditions.

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Pacis Bana

Pacis Bana

Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Bana says the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics degree that he earned from Creighton University Heider College of Business gave him both the foundation and the connections he needed to help him land a job as a data analyst.
Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, EdD

Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership (EdD)
Rachel felt supported as a whole person at Creighton, building lasting relationships with classmates and faculty members that supported her through rigorous coursework.

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Ryon Aguirre

Ryon Aguirre, CFA, MBA

Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis (MIMFA) + MBA
When Ryon transitioned from the military to the workforce, he needed a program with a flexible schedule that would work around deployment timing while helping him earn his CFA designation.

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Anthony Zinni

General Anthony Zinni

MS in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NCR)
General Anthony Zinni found a new perspective on conflict resolution that he could apply to his work in peace mediation, all while earning his third master’s degree.

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Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson

Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis
Tanya Wilson loves her work in the financial services industry. This love for her profession and desire to keep advancing in her career inspired her to get a master’s degree.

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Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, EdD

Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership (EdD)
Peter found plenty of opportunities to connect with peers and faculty while earning his doctorate online, providing essential support as he transitioned into a whole new career.

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Mike Field

Mike Field

Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis
As Mike Field was approaching the end of his military service, he felt he needed something more to help prepare him for his transition into the workforce.

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