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Master of Business Administration MBA

Earning your Master of Business Administration from Creighton University's Heider College of Business is about more than a degree—it’s a step that opens doors for your career. Created with flexibility to suit your busy schedule, this degree program will help you improve your problem solving and communication skills while giving you the confidence you need to be an effective and strategic business leader.

An education from Creighton is recognized by employers and peers because of the high value placed on critical thinking, moral and ethical decision-making, and the development of well-rounded leadership skills. That recognition and respect translates to greater earning potential for you as a professional, meaning the return on investment from your degree can be well worth your time. Creighton MBA graduates within the past 15 years report an average annual salary that is 20% higher than the median annual salary for MBA graduates across the nation.

“Faculty and staff in the MBA program keep class sizes small and build personal connections with students. They care for students as individuals and focus on helping them achieve positive outcomes in their studies and careers.”
—Regina Taylor, PhD | Assistant Professor, Heider College of Business

Life is Busy, but an MBA From Creighton Can Flex to Fit Your Schedule

You’re a working professional and we know that your time is valuable. Our MBA program is designed to help you succeed while avoiding burnout. The curriculum can be customized according to your experience and goals, allowing you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to reach your personal career milestones.

With multiple learning options available, you can earn your MBA on your own schedule by completing courses online, on campus or a combination of both. Best of all, the 33-credit MBA program from Creighton can be completed in just over two years, putting you on the fast-track to career advancement.

Join a Network of Successful Creighton MBA Alumni

A survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council found that being part of a thriving business-focused alumni network can be an invaluable opportunity for graduates. An overwhelming 95% of alumni surveyed said they would recruit an alumnus of their university for a job.

By earning your MBA online or on-campus through the Heider College of Business, you’ll become part of a highly respected alumni network. You’ll connect with other MBA grads who have gone on to pursue careers in a variety of organizations and Fortune 500 companies, including Union Pacific, ConAgra, Mutual of Omaha, TD Ameritrade and more. These connections with national and local Nebraska businesses can open doors for your career.

MBA Concentration Areas

At the Graduate School at Creighton, our MBA program covers advanced topics in all areas of business, including accounting, finance, economics, business intelligence and analytics, and management.

Students may opt to concentrate on a specific business area by taking multiple courses in a single area. These concentration areas include:

  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance
  • Personal Financial Planning

Program At A Glance

Master of Business Administration MBA

This program is offered On Campus

This program is offered Online

Application Deadline

Rolling Admission

Rolling Admission


  • Bachelor’s degree with 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Official transcripts from all educational institutions attended
  • GMAT score, if required
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Completion of undergrad statistics course (or noncredit tutorial may be completed for a fee, if needed)
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement
  • Application
  • Additional requirements for international students


Program Goals and Curriculum

The Creighton MBA program is designed to provide a general management education that focuses on developing values-based leaders.

Core courses include:

  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Business Policy and Managerial Action
  • Business, Ethics and Society

Functional core courses include:

  • Financial Reporting for MBAs
  • Managerial Finance 
  • Economic Analysis for Managers
  • Marketing Management

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Our respected faculty at Creighton strives to help students in the Master of Business Administration program strengthen their skills, expand their knowledge and work to achieve their goals.

Meet the program faculty

Specific Application Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, applicants must:

  • Complete an application
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree with 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Provide official transcripts from all educational institutions attended. Read more about sending transcripts here
  • Have completed at least one undergraduate statistics course (a noncredit tutorial may be completed for a fee, if needed)
  • Include a resume or curriculum vitae
  • Submit a personal statement: 300-500 words that explains why you’re interested in Creighton and this program in particular, as well as what you plan to do with your degree
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from persons other than friends or family members
  • Provide a GMAT score, if required

A personal interview may be requested in addition to the above requirements. The interview may be conducted in-person or virtually.

International students are welcomed into this program and F-1 visas may be supported upon admission, depending on a student’s choice of program format.

International applicants must:

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates change in the fall of each year. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for more details.

Financial Aid
To help make your graduate studies at Creighton University more affordable, we encourage you to file the FAFSA to apply for financial assistance. We also encourage you to apply for available graduate student scholarships and fellowships.

Still have questions? Email or call a friendly financial specialist at 402.280.2731 for any additional questions you may have.

Dates and Deadlines

The tables below detail the enrollment deadlines and starting dates of courses for the current academic year. If you have any questions about dates, deadlines or application materials, please contact an enrollment specialist for personalized assistance.

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Rolling admission: Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed and we'll work with you to get into the next available class.

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Rolling admission: Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed and we'll work with you to get into the next available class.

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Creighton University offers numerous dual degree and certificate options for MBA students. Dual degree options allow you to earn two degrees simultaneously, which means you’ll expand your depth of knowledge while you save both time and tuition costs. Certificates in additional specialties or concentrations allow you to focus your skills in specific areas.

MBA dual master’s degree options include:

MBA + professional degree options include:

We also offer several relevant graduate certificates that you can choose to add to your MBA and further enhance your skill set, knowledge and resume:


Predict Your Career Boost with a Creighton MBA

An MBA from Creighton University Heider College of Business will prepare you to lead with integrity and to make a difference in the business world. It also will give you the skills you need to succeed in your career. In efforts to personalize this outcome for students seeking an MBA, we’ve partnered with AstrumU to utilize their AI engine to translate how career goals, work experience and current learnings, coupled with educational choices, can predict individual career outcomes and the probability of succeeding in a given job role.

Forecast your future today


The Jesuit Business Network’s transfer agreement makes attaining an MBA even easier. The agreement guarantees that credits taken at one Jesuit institution will seamlessly transfer to more than 20 other Jesuit universities, including Boston College, Fordham University, Loyola University Chicago, Saint Louis University, Seattle University, and the University of San Francisco.

How does it work?

  • Students can augment their coursework with classes from other universities within the network of schools
  • If you move during your MBA, you can easily transfer credits back to Creighton in order to complete your MBA
  • The degree is conferred by the university where you complete over 50% of your coursework

For more information about the Jesuit Business Network’s transfer agreement, contact Chris Karasek in the Graduate Business Programs Office at or visit

Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn about how to fund your investment in education at the Creighton Financial Aid Office.

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