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Victim Advocacy Courses

The needs of crime victims are increasingly complex. Stay up to date on the latest with victim advocacy training through Creighton University. From building empathy to understanding the importance of self-care, our professional development courses cover topics essential to helping professionals.

Advocates and allied professionals can learn to better serve victims of crime with training in communication, developing areas of crime such as technology-assisted offenses, human trafficking and more. The field of victim advocacy is rapidly evolving. Learn the about the latest developments with our education sessions.  


Discover all of Creighton’s Professional Development Courses in Victim Advocacy

Completing a professional development course is an excellent way to expand your expertise and skills.

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Explore taking a professional development course in victim advocacy

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Vicarious Trauma Training
Study research-based ideas and learn essential skills to prevent and combat the effects of vicarious trauma.

Victim Assistance Academy
Learn from experts in their fields as they present on the latest research, legislation and practical resources to provide continuing professional development on a variety of issue relevant to victim advocates.